Cybersecurity Curricula Development

Prof. Paolina Centonze has been the Managing Director of the Cybersecurity Program in the Computer Science Department at Iona University since 2011. In her role, Prof. Centonze directs the design and development of the Concentration in Cybersecurity programs: BA, BS, MS and 5-year BS/MS and BA/MS degrees.  Under Prof. Centonze’s supervision, these programs have been approved by the New York State Education Department.  Prof. Centonze has also been responsible for the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO) designation, a National Security Agency (NSA) accreditation for the BS and BA degrees in Computer Science with a Concentration in Cybersecurity.

Below is the list of the new courses that Prof. Centonze designed, developed, taught and kept updated over the years as part of the Cybersecurity concentration programs:

Academic Courses Taught

In the areas of Computer Science, Cybersecurity and Software Engineering, Dr. Centonze teaches the following  courses regularly (at least once a year) at Iona University:

Additionally, Dr. Centonze has been an Adjunct Professor at other universities, and designed, developed, updated and taught the following courses:

While a graduate student, Dr. Centonze was the teaching assistant for the following courses: Linear Algebra, Theory of Computation, Algorithms I and II, Software Engineering, and Databases, New York University (NYU), 2003-2005

Select Student Thesis Research and Presentations